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1 Barrel Brewhouse


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Ideal for the starter brewer/home brewery

1 Barrel Brewhouse, all stainless steel construction, manufactured by SW Fabrications

THE HOT LIQUER TANK which comes with its own pump, pipework, valves and manway. You can pre set operating temps for the stainless steel heater from the central control panel and also recirculate the water if required.

In the middle THE MASH TUN, this comes with wedge wire floor, lids and sparge arm. It also has its own pipework.

Then to the right THE COPPER/KETTLE - this also has an internal wedge wire filter plus hop seed filter, all pipework, top and side manway. It has fully cip (cleaning in place) and a stainless steel heater fitted which are controlled from the central control box.


The system is is pre-wired, piped and ready to go.

It has a heat exchanger which allows back to back brewing for fast and efficient brew length from start to the production of fit for purpose beer. Production is only limited by the number of fermenting vessels you have.

Fermenters can be added as required, there is no limit to how many you can add. Fermenters can be supplied at an extra cost.

This is plug and play, no wiring, pipework or chiller are needed as these are all supplied and are ready to use. All that is needed is a 13amp socket. The fermenter is controlled by the front temp control and can go down to as low as 4o/c if wished.

It will produce 4 casks per brew length of 4 hours.

The tools are included - brewers hose, spanners.

The brewhouse and fermenter are insulated and can be finished in either polished stainless steel or 20mm tung and groove wood, sprayed with a tough polyurathene varnish for protection to a gloss finish or copper clad. These are then all mounted on a stainless steel polished base fitted with external cooling coil.

REQUIREMENTS: 240v Single Phaze but please ring for specific details. Mains water.
MEASUREMENTS: Length - 1853mm, Width - 930mm, Height - 1960mm.
Cost per brew approx: £32.75 based on a 4% with 4 casks racked.
Average fermenter resale price: £260.00
Total profit: £260.00 - costs of £32.75 = £227.25 based on 4 casks (1 fermenter) per week. Brew length 4 hours.
Note: These units can have an unlimited numbers of fermenters which will then increase these figures as per number of fermenters.
Additional note: These figures are estimated and may vary depending on materials and quantities used.

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